Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to The Monster Cave...

 The stairway leading up - that French Creature From The Black Lagoon is still my favorite print!
 Abandon all hope...
 Try to ignore the over-flowing trashcan to the right, please. I got that glow-in-the-dark skull from the magic shop at Disney World waaay back in 1985.
 I still have to find Ace, Paul & Peter. Yes, in that exact order. That Jumbo King Kong comic has been with me since I was four.
 The lounge area.
 I made that statue in college - it used to have one out-stretched arm. Thanks, kids.
 One of these days I'll have to find a mannaquin bottom so Gene can have his pants back.
 People often ask me - "how do you dust all of those shelves?" I reply; "It's easy - every couple of weeks, I blow each shelf really hard." (insert crude joke here)
 Thanks again to my buddy Tim who donated these swell Marx Marvel figures! I made that 3-D Franky head last week from one of my prints. If anyone wants it, I'll let it go for $50 shipped.
 Baron Blood is my very first Bowen Bust! Scored him at Midtown Comics in Times Square a couple of months ago. Awesome store, BTW!
 Yeah, I know; my Zuni Fetish is missing his spear. Thanks again, kids.
 I've had those Hulk and Spidey Jumbo comics since I was four as well. For a kid, I took pretty good care of my stuff.
That comic rack is still my all-time favorite piece!

Well, I think I'm finally happy with my office now! I've been working on it since we moved in almost three years ago, and I think I've finally achieved that perfect mix of chaos, kitsch and color. The only problem I have now is that I've run out of room for art and toys - guess I'll need another room ;-)
If you have an awesome office or man-cave you would like to share with us, just email me some decent pics and a short blurb about you and your cool stuff, and I'll be happy to do a feature on it. My email is; danandamy90@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks for sharing, that is a man-cave worthy of legend!

  2. My pleasure - thanks for the props!