Monday, October 17, 2011

So... What Did Ya'll Think?

My opinion is; Freakin'... wait for it... AWESOME!!! I guess they've just thrown the comic out, though, as none of that shit happened like that in the comics. It's cool, though - still very enjoyable viewing.I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't seen it yet, but if you think you know the show from being a faithful reader of the comics - think again.
Bottom line is; they totally delivered on all aspects; the thrills, the gut-wrenching suspense, the character development and the effects. I think they've even made the zombies creepier than the ones from last season, and one word of caution; don't eat a big meal before you watch; keeping it down during the crash course in "zombie dissection" will be more than you can bear ;-)

What's that? Didn't get enough zombie mayhem last night? Check out these great webisodes below;


  1. I loved the webisodes, I thought they where a nice side view of the WD world.

    I am enjoying that they are taking some turns on the story and not following the comic 100%. In the clips they are showing that key elements will show up but they are making sure that we dont know how they are going to get us there.

  2. Totally agree - did you notice Scott Ian from Anthrax as one of the zombies on the last webisode?

  3. No I didnt! I need to watch that again tonight and look for him.