Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm Putting The Call Out...

Hey guys - many of you know that I have developed a new social network concept that has real potential to be "Facebook" big. I have secured the domain "Planet My Town" and have copyrighted the logo and concept. I also have many of the page templates designed as well. While I am a talented Graphic Designer, I have no idea of how to build a social network, so I'm looking for 5-10 talented individuals to help me. My plan is to get at least 5 or more interested parties together and then arrange a meeting to divulge the details and plan. I prefer to work with individuals who can attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings, but there are always exceptions for the right person.
At no time will any money be asked of you, but considering that this is a billion-dollar concept, I will require you to sign a no compete/confidentiality agreement before sharing my vision. The foundation of my concept is so simple yet so profound, you won't believe that no one is doing it yet! It combines the best aspects of Facebook, Linkedin, Etsy, eHarmony and Monster, but with one very special extra feature that none of the others offer! Everyone who is working on this with me will be considered an equal partner, and if you are selected, I will submit the necessary legal papers for you to review with your lawyer to assure your full partnership. I have been courted by major VC's, but I really want to do this myself and not get edged out and/or financially raped. 

It's been very difficult because I cannot afford to pay anyone just yet, and that's why I'm offering a full-fledged partnership. Time is ticking away, and if I don't develop this concept, I assure you that someone else will! It's not every day that an opportunity to truly change the world presents itself to you... are you ready to answer the call? If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at;


  1. As soon as I watch The Social Network again, I will be sending you my resume. Man, I wish that I was more tech savvy; that idea sounds awesome. If you ever need the services of a gifted freelance writer with no college degree, let me know.

  2. Thanks for your interest, but I think I might need someone with a little more experience ;-)
    On a totally different note - I was confused by your email b/c My father-in-law's name is Phillip Merrill. I was like; "why is my father-in-law asking me about this?"