Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What The Hell is Wrong With You?!?

 I guess the bottom three are her favorite things?
I think what we need to focus on and be concerned about is the fact that this person is procreating.

Looks like turning vegan wasn't the worst decision this guy has made...

Hey, I love Alan Alda just as much as the next guy, but I think I would have gone with his "Senator Arnold Vinick" character from "The West Wing"

Look - another member of the "Never Touched a Booby Club"! I'll bet he's friends with Rian.

I'm not gonna dump on this one - it's actually pretty funny.

I've just gotta wonder - how much pot do you have to smoke before this seems like a really good idea?

Clearly, this guy has never and will never own a genuine Louis Vuitton product.
Say, wait a minute - I'll bet that's my buddy "Scumbag Steve"!


  1. horrible tattoos!!! i don't know which one i hate the most...

  2. I think mine would be the Louis Vuitton design. Just strikes me as extremely douchey.