Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It Don't Get Much Lower Than This....

I truly hope there is a special, extra-shitty room in Hell for scumbags like this; apparently, a guy in St. Louis, MO befriended and gained the trust of 48-year-old Mike Meyer, a mentally disabled man and robbed him "of about 1,800 of his favorite Superman comic books, some dating to the 1950s," and cherished collector’s items including lunch boxes, an old-time radio, a Monopoly game and television set. What the Hell is wrong with people?!? Here is the complete, sordid story courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch;

Meyer said mostly only his friends and family knew of his collection, but he also made the mistake once of telling someone less trustworthy: a guy named Gary whom he worked with at the Hardee’s on Madison Avenue in 1991. Meyer said he ran into Gary recently while at Kyle’s Baseball Cards and Comics in Granite City. Gary asked Meyer whether he still collected Superman items and asked to see the collection. Meyer first gave an excuse, but then Gary called him later saying he was in the neighborhood and hoped to stop by.
“He just kept talking like a salesman,” Meyer said. “He wouldn’t take no for an answer.”
Meyer said he let Gary into the house that day and gave him a quick tour. Gary asked to see “my most precious comics,” Meyer said.
The next night, Gary was back again, asking whether Meyer would let Gary’s girlfriend watch some of his Superman movies. Meyer said while he and the girlfriend watched, Gary disappeared for a while. Meyer noticed the theft two days later, on the morning of Aug. 24, and called police. All he knows is that Gary has dark hair, a goatee, is about 35 and drives a silver or gray car.


  1. Something similar happened in my town but the circumstances were diff. A mentally challenged young man was convinced by a new friend that he was worshiping false idols by collecting Star Wars memorabilia. The poor guy was religiously guilted into selling his entire collection. It was his lifes work. He loved it. People suck! - Cory

  2. They should have records of the guy that worked at Hardee´s. He will be no problem to track down.

  3. @ Cory; that is so ridiculous! I kind of doubt that the kid was praying to Darth Vader or Yoda for favors! That's a really shitty thing to do to someone!
    @ anonymous; yeah, I don't think this "criminal mastermind" will be hard to find. I hope they throw his GF in the clink with him as an accomplice!

  4. I'm from St. Louis. I'll put the word out to the people I know. Maybe someone will know who this "Gary" cretin is.