Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have a Rather Chatty Neighbor....

  Now don't get me wrong; he's a super-swell guy, but anytime I step outside and he's in earshot, there's a good chance that I've unwittingly committed myself to a very long conversation. It's gotten so bad that sometimes I delay leaving my house until he's gone. Also, he's one of these busy-bodies who is always outside doing something to his house/garage/car/yard/mailbox/fence/sidewalk/shed, etc., so it makes it hard to avoid him on my way out.
  One day I actually caught myself sneaking out my backdoor and quietly opening my car door as to avoid detection. I though to myself; "I'm a grown-ass man sneaking around my own house to get to my car - what the Hell is wrong with me?!?"
  I know, I know; I can always interrupt him and say I have to be somewhere, and sometimes I do, but I can't do that all of the time without feeling like a jerk. Sometimes I even pretend to be talking on my cell to avoid him.


  1. People at work do this shit to me non-stop! I could be on fuckin' fire and someone would still call me over for some dumb ass bullshit.

  2. Oh man, you sound just like me at my last office job! I used to walk 500 feet out of my way to the south side entrance just so I could avoid the "gauntlet of chatty hens" that would plague me on the way to my cubicle! Too funny!