Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So, I Spoke With Steve Ditko This Morning....

I have always been a huge fan of artist extraordinaire Steve Ditko. You know, the guy who co-created Spider-man and tons of other iconic characters for Marvel, DC, Charlton and many others. Since I will be in New York on Friday, I figured I would give Steve a call and invite him to dinner. Being the extreme recluse that he is, he politely declined my invitation to dinner as well as my invitation to a casual conversation at his office in New York. He was genuinely baffled as to why I wanted to meet him and talk about work he had done over 40 years ago. He then became defensive, cantankerous, and finally hung up on me. I instantly
got this picture in my head of him shaking his fist at the local neighborhood children and screaming; "stay offa my lawn you hooligans!!!"
Oh, and he did tell me that he had seen none of the Spider-man films. Oh well, I'm still a fan!


  1. I could see where this story was headed! I wrote Ditko a few years ago and got a hand-written letter back in reply. I didn't ask him for anything, just expressed how much his work meant to me. He was polite and brief. I've heard of fans just showing up at his front door....You can imagine how that ends!

    By the way, I've seen your site before. Really enjoyable subjects and art styles!

  2. Thanks Javier! I was in New York yesterday, and I still wanted to go knock on his door and give it one last try because let's face it - the guy ain't getting any younger, and he's one of the very few remaining living legends from that era. I got a few chuckles from him on the phone, but I blew it when I asked about the "Green Goblin controversy". If not for that, I think we would've warmed up for me ;-)

  3. He was also a Great horror Comics artist and invented a Lot of Dr. Strange including Dormmamu his chief villain