Monday, June 20, 2011

Funny as HELL!!

So that's what happened. No wonder he's pissed off all of the time.


  1. Boy, he looks a little old to be falling for that one.
    The Brownfrowns

  2. Hey where ya been Dan? It has been 20 days with no new updates...

    Thank you for the Gorn figure! Been so busy these last few months AND my camera died that I haven´t had time or ability to post a pic of it in Monster Cafe.

  3. Cool Blog. Read your profile and wanted to raise my glass and say here's to not growing up. I am closing in on the big 50 and still like much of the same stuff I did as a kid.

  4. I'm sorry I haven't posted lately - we've had my wife's cousin's kids over here for a month, and I've been super-busy with work and doing fun Summer stuff. I'm leaving for a two week vacation tomorrow, and I'll try to post more then! Have a great Summer!!!