Saturday, June 4, 2011

Check Out My Latest Project!

Here is my latest project-in-progress. It's a 1987 Honda Elite 50 with only 3K miles. I got it for free from a guy who couldn't get it started and was gonna take it to the dump. I put in some fresh gas, bought a new battery, and it started right up! Even all of the electricals work great! I have a black seat cover and rear-view mirrors on the way, and I still need to paint the floor board and the back part, as well as find a new turn signal cover for the right side. I wish I would've took a before picture so you could see how jacked up it was when we got it! It was all scratched up and had white over-spray spattered all over it. I had to sand all of the front and sides before I re-painted it. I think the pin-striping adds a nice touch. Not bad for something that someone was gonna throw away, huh?


  1. That guy didnt try too hard huh? That would be a fun little toy to have.

  2. It is! Logan especially loves it!