Monday, May 9, 2011

THOR: My Review

So I packed up the family yesterday and celebrated Mother's Day with none other than the God of Thunder! I don't like giving long-winded artsy-fartsy reviews, so I'll give it to you straight - it was good... damn good.

High Points:
2.) Asgard
3.) The costumes
4.) Anthony Hopkins as Odin
5.) Chris Hemsworth as Thor
6.) The Warriors Three
7.) The Battle with the Frost Giants
8.) Kat Dennings
9.) Hawkeye cameo

Low Points:
1.) Not enough "Helmet Time"
2.) Loki's "Orgin"
3.) The "slowdown" in the middle with Thor and Jane Foster yappin'.
4.) The Fury cameo at the end of the credits - what the Hell were they talking about?

Overall, we all really, really enjoyed it! Even my wife, who was a bit miffed that we were seeing "Thor" instead of something with alot more estrogen, really liked it.

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