Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GAIKING is Finally Mine!!!

 "Hey, what are you up to with that fist?"
 "OOWWW!!!" I'll be sucking my dinner through a straw!!!"
Well, I finally bit the bullet and completed my collection of US release Jumbo 24" Shogun Warriors collection with the purchase of Gaiking last weekend (thanks Tristan!) He had been taunting me with his high price tag for over a year at Coast City Comics in Portland, but I finally negotiated an acceptable price and brought him home! 
Above is a pic of me and my first Gaiking on Christmas Day, 1979. Damn, was I cute!


  1. Great score! One of my holy grails is the Rodan from that line - I had it as a kid (probably a similar '79 Christmas present scenario.)

  2. I never had Rodan, but I had a friend who did, and I was always wicked jealous! I still need Godzilla as well as Rodan - Godzilla is affordable enough on Evil-Bay, but Rodan doesn't come on the cheap!