Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Truth About UFO's and Aliens

Hey guys - I am trying really hard to raise money to get my new Social Network off the ground, and I'm trying to come up with good ideas on how to do this without selling everything I own. Well, would you think that $2 is a good price to learn whether or not we are alone in the universe? Ever since I had a close encounter when I was 7, I have been extremely intrigued with the idea of life in the universe outside our own planet. Back in 1996 I had a chance meeting with an individual who forever changed how I felt about the subject. He was a member of the Air Force and was very reluctant to tell me his story, but he was certainly of sound mind. Now, I have no pictures or any other physical proof to backup the fantastic claims that he made, but looking back, I have no doubt that he was telling the truth. I was so amazed by his story that I immediately wrote down every detail of the conversation so that none of it would be lost. Selling this story is something that I have struggled with for quite awhile, but I'm desperate. So there you go. You send me $2, and I email you a transcript of the conversation. My Paypal ID is Thank you for your support.

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