Monday, December 6, 2010


Employees and two patrons were stranded at Lion Inn in North Yorkshire, England due to heavy snow. The inn is also a bed-and-breakfast, equipped with plenty of food, telephone and internet service, and alcohol. Those poor people! Read the whole story here

This actually happened to me once. Back in January '92, some friends and I went up to Cheaha State Park in North Alabama for a weekend of hiking and tomfoolery. The morning after we arrived there was a knock on the door; it was the park ranger. He told us that a big 'ol snowstorm was headed our way, and if we didn't leave soon, we would be stuck on the mountain for an undetermined period of time. Realizing that we only had enough food for the weekend, no experience with snow whatsover, and the fact that I was starting a new job that Monday, after many beers and careful consideration, we decided to forgo any sort of responsible decision-making, and stay to play in the snow!

Long story short, after we ran out of food, cash and beer, I treated everyone to three meals a day and drinks from the Cheaha mountaintop resteraunt for the bulk of the week on my brand-new first-ever credit card, putting myself deep into debt. I was also promptly fired from my new job as soon as we got back. So, if I could go back and do things differently.... I wouldn't! That was one of the best weeks of my life!!! I REGRET NOTHING!!!!

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