Thursday, November 11, 2010

Party With The Skelton Crew!

You should pick up this hammer - it's HEAVY!

Izzy slays the stuffed Yeti! He is wearing a really cool knit viking helmet.

Yup, that's Batman's utility belt! I wonder if those capsules realy have anything in them?

This was my favorite piece - I soooo wanted to sneak out with it!

I love my head key, but it didn't open my head - only got gooey with ear wax! BLEECH!!

Another shot of the Head Key - check out that detail!

Last weekend Amy and I went out to Monmouth for our friend's Izzy and Katherine Skelton's annual trivia tournament party! As most of you know, Izzy is head of "Skelton Crew Studios", and makes the best comic book props you have ever seen! He's really been on a role ever since acquiring the rights to the hot IDW comic series; "Locke & Key"! I finally got my hands on a head key, which I absolutely LOVE!

Going to Izzy and Katherine's is a little like going to a sci-fi and fantasy museum. As you wander through the dining room, you can view their ever-growing collection of original comic art; very tastefully framed and matted. A walk into the living room is an assault on the senses, as there are life-size comic book props all over the place! Everything from the Silver Surfer's surfboard, to Hellboy's Samaritan Revolver, to Captain America's sheild! They also have an impressive collection of graphic novels - two full bookcases!

The theme of the evening was 80's trivia, and as usual, boys vs. girls. The ladies put up quite a fight, but the guys prevailed in the end! We had a potluck dinner in which everything was incredible! So much so that I ate entirely waaay too much and felt miserable all the way home. A good time was had by all and we can't wait until next year!

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