Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Don't They Sell Cool Stuff Like This Anymore?

I saw something like this awhile back, but it was advertised as a great way to clear snow and ice from your sidewalk and driveway. As much as I despise snow shoveling and snowblowing, I would be praying for snow if I got to strap on a frickin' flame-thrower everytime a few flakes fell!! Hell, I bet it would be great for all of those pesky leaves all over the lawn!
Via Boing-Boing


  1. Actually they do sell these or smaller versions, you have to visit a feed store or farm supply.

  2. Well that explains it - I don't think I've ever been in a feed store! I'll have to check it out - Thanks Chunky!!

  3. Being stuck in a rural southern town all my life ..I have seen one of these it would only shoot a burst about 4 feet then the flame would drop to less than two feet....