Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in The 70's - The Good, The Bad & The Flame Retarded!

The Hulk is absolutely spectacular!

"Why'd you dress up like Peter Criss?!? Even Peter Criss doesn't wanna be Peter Criss!"
- Peter Griffin

I had a Batman suit like these - they were cloth "playsuits", and were a lot more durable than their Halloween counterparts. My youngest son still dresses up in my old Batman suit from time to time.

I wonder how many ass-kickings you were dealt wearing these abominations?

(sigh)... another Peter Criss. See above comment.

I really like the Jaws suit - kinda silly, but still cool.

I wore that same Spidey suit in 1976 when I was four.

Mork from Ork. Meh.

This one might be from the late 60's as I don't remember any of these, but I like them!


  1. The first costume in the last picture is one of the characters from the Banana Splits. I used to love that show.

  2. Oh yeah - I've seen reruns of that on Boomerang. I don't remember it from being a kid, though.

  3. A Banana Splits and an Isis costume!!!! Ah...all those hours in the sweaty sweetness of my plastic mask and vinyl costume...good times, good times...
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum