Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Oh Lord, Won't ya Buy Me, a Mercedes Benz?"

Hey gang - sorry I've been slacking here, but I've been adjusting to me new job as well as car shopping frantically. When I was a young lad of 16, I was obsessed with Mercedes Benz! I remember looking through a glossy promo booklet of the brand-new 1989 300E - class, and saying to myself; "Self - one day I'm gonna own that car!" Well, 16 year old me; rest easy, 'cause we're riding in style now!

I freakin' love this car - it rides so smoothly that I have to be careful not to speed 'cause 60 MPH feels just like 30 in my other car. It's fully loaded, and the paint job is only four years old. The exterior and interior are nearly mint, and everything works perfectly! The kids love it too - mainly for the sunroof, I suspect. The only gripe I have is that it starts cold and sometimes conks out on me before I can get out on the road, but once it's gone a mile or so, it's fine. And it still has the stock stereo with a tape player - I'll have to upgrade that soon.

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