Monday, August 23, 2010

This Weekend...

Fort George on the beautiful coast of Maine

This fort was up on a hill, and see that narrow doorway all the way to the left? That was a really cool long, narrow, wet pitch-black winding tunnel that only I was brave (or foolhardy) enough to explore.

The kids and I ran all over this place!

Yes, it was chilly and the water was freezing!

Willy about to do some bodysurfing.

Logan trying to convince himself that it's really not that cold ;-)

I got to do something that day that I have not done in 25 years - SKIMBOARDING! And I think I might've not busted my ass once or twice.

One of the antique shops I stopped at had a ton of WWII stuff!

These classic video game "headers" were only $5 each! Too bad I couldn't bring them back on the bike :-(

I had a Batman watch just like this when I was little.

I really wish I could have brought this back - I absolutely looove the graphic on it!

My first forray into canvas was VERY successful! I really couldn't have been happier with Shawn's work!

I can't wait to get more of my stuff onto canvas - the difference is phenomenal! This one is sized at 20" x 24", and I don't even think it needs a frame.

Hey gang - looks like we're confronted with yet another Monday! Which doesn't mean that much to me, but for all of you commuters, clerks and cubicle dwellers; Mondays tend to bite. I hope you all at least had a good weekend to soften the blow.

My weekend was pretty darn swell - it started Friday afternoon with some free tunes; Amy from Roadrunner Records sent me the new MurderDolls album which I haven't had a chance to listen to just yet. I then hopped on the bike and drove waaay down east to Kennebunk to meet with a printing company that I was thinking about moving my business to. It's not because I'm unhappy with my current printer - the quality is great, but she can't do canvas and the prices with this new outfit are unbeatable.

The company is called "Best of Maine Sign & Frame", and is run by a great guy named Shawn. Earlier in the week I had sold one of my Skeletor prints to a customer who wanted it on canvas, so I wanted to go down personally and inspect the quality and view samples of their shirts, paper prints, decals, banners, etc. I could not have been happier! The quality was top-notch and Shawn went above and beyond by not only stretching the canvas, but he also put in the hanging wire. On my way back I decided to travel along the coast as I really didn't enjoy being wind-beaten to death and swerving around semi trucks on the turnpike. I stopped at a few roadside flea markets and antique shops and found some cool stuff, but since I was on the bike, I was unable to buy any of it.

Saturday, we packed up in the family cruiser and drove to Popham Beach to spend the day with my brother-in-law and his family who had been renting a beach house there for the week. We had an absolute blast playing at the beach and taking in one of my favorite past-times; exploring old forts! I especially love the ones that still allow access to the old darkened tunnels that are all too often blocked off. I love to jump out and scare the kids at every turn - that one never gets old! We visited four forts in total, and one even had a dark, very narrow tunnel that went one for a very long time with many twists and turns. I got a little nervous when I started wading through muddy water, but I forged on to the very end, which was just a brick wall. These places are so creepy, though - once you're three feet in, you literally can't see your hand infront of your face! I'm always worried that I'm gonna walk face first into a nest of bats or step on something that starts to wiggle, but my curiosity always overcomes whatever fear that I may have. One of these days I'm gonna remember to keep a damn flashlight in the car! Later, my brother-in-law and his wife surprised us with lobster, steamed clams, fresh corn and potato salad for dinner! Damn, that's some good eatin'!

Yesterday was just a relaxing lazy day in which I advanced through a few levels of "Left 4 Dead" and the wife and I cozied up in the Monster Cave with some wine and watched "Shutter Island" on the computer, which was a little slow in parts, but overall a pretty decent flick.

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