Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday Fun!

This was mine and Will's favorite car - it was originally a 1905 Chevy.

Check out those pipes - Damn, that's a fine ride!

This one had gorgeous pinstriping!

I really liked the glittery blue paint on this one - all of the tombstones had names of cars that are no longer produced.

The quintisential Bitchin' Camaro!

This guy was really nice to Will, and he was excited to get behind the wheel!

Old-school limo - the interior of this was beyond plush!

This reminds me of Steve McQueen's Mustang from "Bullitt"

I was really diggin' the green on this car.

I think I see the next thing I'll be getting for the "Monster Cave". Although my wife is scared she will never see me again if that happens (she has good reason to worry, but I won't tell her that)

If they ever come down off the $35 price tag, I'll be picking this up.

I want this set too - they're only $3 each. Also, whatever happened to Mayor McCheese? I liked him!

This is an interesting piece - it's a very odd-looking 11" x 17" movie poster that looks like it may be an original. I didn't have time to check, but I think I'll go back and see if I can open it up and verify it. It has a $20 price tag on it, so that will be an incredible find if it turns out to be original! Notice I didn't say which antique shop this was ;-)

There was a classic car show in Oxford Sunday, so Will, Daisy and I decided to take it in. Unfortunately, we got there around three, and most of the cars were passing us by as we approached the venue. However, there were still a few beauties left, so we roamed around and took some pics. After that, we stopped in at our favorite antique shop for some cheap comic books.

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