Sunday, August 1, 2010


I spent part of the day stickering the town of Portland with great-looking designs by my friend in Italy; the great artist Zellaby!

I thought this museum was in need of some "Gnome Love"

At Coast City Comics - notice the breathtaking art above my head!

Kids of all ages love the God of Thunder!

See that big 'ol Shogun Warrior in the window? That was supposed to leave with me, but the price was not quite right ($85!)

Happy customers!

Check out my birthday booty - I am sooo psyched to read the new volume of "The Walking Dead", and I know it's nowhere near Winter, but I couldn't pass up that snowboard at $20!

I thought the exterminator took care of my Gnome problem! Oh well, guess I gotta take matters into my own hands

I really dig this Batman card that Zellaby sent me!

Hey gang, today is my special day!! That's right, today marks 38 years that I've been observing all of you on the planet you call Earth! And just like last year, I celebrated it by going to Portland and spending waaay too much money on stuff that I don't even need! Many thanks to Tristan at the Fun Box Monster Emporium for the sweet deal he cut me on the King King lunchbox, 12" IronMan figure and the Bat-Baby! I also raided the quarter boxes at Coast City Comics and found some great cheap reads!
We had to cut the outing a little short this afternoon as my oldest son came down with the stomach bug that's been making the rounds in the family lately, so hopefully he'll get though it as quickly as I did. All in all it was a great day, and I brought in a nice haul. I also got two of my art shirts from my Zazzle shop. I think I'll cap it off by stuffing some birthday cake down my piehole while I watch my new "Watchmen" DVD.

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