Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Think Martin Ansin May Be My New Favorite Artist.

All too often, digital artists are dismissed by a large portion of the old-school art community as being "corporate whores", "tracers" or simply practicioners of a medium that isn't even a valid art form. As a digital artist myself, I respond to the criticism with two words; bite me.

However, I don't think that even the snootiest of up-turned pinkie finger, highfalutin art critic could look down his nose at Martin Ansin's digital masterpieces and have nothing but praise for his distinct, highly detailed style. I showed you Ansin's take on Lon Chaney Jr's original Wolf Man a while back, and his newest work, the Bride of Frankenstein, takes the art of vintage horror to the next level! Keep up the great work, Martin!

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