Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals - Long Time No See!

Hey gang - I apologize for the long absence, and I am not dead as some have thought. I've just been stupid busy over the past week & a half starting a new full-time job and getting prepared for my first-ever community art show.
Since my art sales have dropped, and most freelance work has dried up, I was forced to start workin' for the man again. I know, I know, it's a true tragedy. So now I'm doing page layouts for LaserWords; a company that puts textbooks together for various institutions. It's about five minutes further away from my last job, so nearly an hour commute each way. It's really not a glamorous as I make it sound though, and while I am really grateful for the work, it really make me want to work even harder at pushing my art so that I can do it full time.
I also got to be in the Norway Art Festival for my first time, and while it rained all day, and the crowd was only a fraction of the size as in previous years, I sold a few pieces and did alot better than I had anticipated. You have to keep in mind that this is rural Maine, and 45% of the art is paintings of Moose, lighthouses and Lobsters, 45% percent more is photographs of Moose, lighthouses and Lobsters, and the last 10% is woodworks of... well, you can guess. There wasn't even anything even close to what I do, and I figured that fact would either help me or kill me.
I was absolutely floored at people's reactions - everyone that stopped by my booth had nothing but nice things to say about my stuff! I got sooo many questions and compliments that I was positively gushing (which doesn't happen often, BTW). I even brought a big pile of old comics and gave them away to whoever wanted them, which really helped my sales. I also had plenty of business cards and 3-D Monster stickers to pass out as well. By the end of the day, I had run out of business cards, so I hope that translates to more online sales. All in all, it was a really good day, and my wife and I had a lot of fun meeting all of the people. So much so that I have decided to do the upcoming Portland Sidewalk Art Fair in August as well as the BangPop! Comic Convention in September.
So that brings me to the current state of the blog. Since time is going to be a scarce commodity for the rest of the Summer, I won't be posting everday as you have been accustomed to. I will be posting as time allows - you guys have been great to me, and alot of you have been reading and commenting since the beginning, and I honestly see you guys as friends of mine. I may not post everyday, but I promise that a week will not go between posts. That's my guarantee to you. My wife and I even started seriously discussing opening a 3-D Monster store with comics, toys, an art gallery, and possibly even a.... wait for it.... full bar! It's scary as Hell in today's economic climate, but it's a dream that I've had for a very long time now. Stay tuned for future updates!
And to anyone who was at the show yesterday, I just want to thank you for stopping by and digging my art so much!


  1. There is a Monster Cafe in Mexico fully done for sale! LOL

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. I believe in your talent and have faith you will succeed.

  3. Great stuff, hope that the art gig goes well and congrates on the day job!

  4. Thanks guys - ya'll are the cat's pajamas!