Monday, June 28, 2010

Shhh, There's Douchebaggery Afoot....

The 3 stooges of Douche!

How do I know they're bad-asses? Can't you see the Scarface poster?!? They don't give those to just anyone!

Keep in mind that someone had to take this picture with a straight face ;-)

Douchebag, meet Douchebagette.

... And then there's these two chuckleheads.

And now, from his throne in Douche-topia, I present to you his royal Hiney, King Douchebag!
Wow- is that a chin implant?


  1. The ''king'' is Ricardo fort,a millonaire man
    he died this 2014
    but you're right,he was a douchebag

  2. How did he die? Spray tan overdose? Too soon?