Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now HERE is a Project That is Long Overdue!

This would be the most awesome combination in all of geekdom! Well, maybe the most awesome just behind a Star Trek/Star Wars project. But seriously, can you imagine Vader goin' all badass on a horde of alien wariors?!? Art by Tom Chu.
Via RampagedReality


  1. I would go crazy if this happened. Even in a comic/graphical novel. Who do you think would be victorious? Vader?

  2. Oh yeah, Vader would utilize the full power of the force along with his mad sabre skills, decimating the Alien colony. And since he's been burned up before, I think he could handle the inevitable damage to his body from the acid-blood.

  3. Awesome !!!! This is a really great image.... a log time fan of Both.....