Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Watched "The Strangers" Last Night...

Our Movie Gallery is going out of business, so they're having wicked good deals on movies, so the wife and I have been stocking up big time! Since I've heard good things, and it was only $2, I decided to pick up 2008's "The Strangers" starring Liv Tyler.

The beginning starts out a little uneven and confusing, but luckily they provide us with flashbacks that enable us to catch up to the plot. However, from the moment of the first knock on the door and the creepy voice and demeanor of the girl in the shadows, it really kicks into high gear. The setting is creepy, the wide-angle shots with the actor in the corner, and a vacant widow or shadow on the other side never fail to freak me out time and time again! I watched the unrated version with additional footage, so I don't know what the theatrical version was like, but I didn't feel that the unrated version was too terribly grisly or anything. Overall, I was genuinely creeped out by this film. So much so, that I had to resort to one of my wife's coping mechanisms and had to watch something funny before I went to sleep.

I may be a bit biased though, because this story really hit home for me. When I was seven or eight, and my sister was babysitting me while my folks were away, I heard a knock on the front door at around 8PM. I went to open it, but there was nobody there. I didn't think too much about it until a few minutes later when I heard another knock. This time, I crept into the living room, out od sight of the front door window, so that I could see who was there. To this day, I can still clearly see someone wearing a clown mask and holding a large butcher knife standing there with the mask pressed against the glass. Of course, I ran screaming bloody murder, which instantly sent my sister and her friend into a panic. The knocking continued on every door while we called 911 and huddled together in the window-less downstairs bathroom, my sister cluthching a kitchen knife. After awhile, the knocking stopped and the police FINALLY arrived after nearly two hours! I was so pissed - friggin' rigor mortis could have already set in by the time they got there! Anyway, it never occured again and we never found out who did it. Crazy, huh?


  1. Are you serious? That's bloody creepy and would swear me off this movie for life if that had ever happened.

    Makes for a very cool story though.

  2. Yeah, I was reluctant to watch the movie because of it, and it did really freak me out. I'm surprised I was able to sleep as well as I did.