Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow - What a Great Weekend!

Happy Monday guys - how was your weekend? Mine was AWESOME! It started Friday with a trip to "The Ocean Pearl" with the fam for some sweet Chinese food before we made our way across the parking lot for a 7:00 showing of Ironman 2! I thought the movie totally ROCKED! Once again, RDJ was at the top of his game as Tony Stark/Ironman, Mickey Rourke was perfect as the villainous Whiplash, and Sam Rockwell shined as the slimy Stark competitor Justin Hammer. One thing I did miss was Terrance Howard as Jim Rhodes. While I think Don Cheadle is an incredible actor, I just don't think the chemistry between him and RDJ was quite there, and I think his performance felt a little flat. Of course, I also loved seeing more of Sam Jackson in an eye patch, and Gary Shandling provided some hilarious moments as the senator trying to take the Ironman armor from Stark. What did you guys think?

I also got a new battery for my bike, so I got to get out on the road again, even though it was damn cold all weekend! It rained most of Saturday, but we took our youngest to a skating party that afternoon where I had an embarrasing wipeout on a Razor scooter. Saturday night the wife and I relaxed by a roaring fire just chillin' out and enjoying beer-garitas! Yesterday was gorgeous as we spent Mother's day at my brother-in-law's house with my wife's family enjoying a gourmet spread far more than I should've, as I made myself quite miserable. I even did some facepainting for the kids, which may have inadvertenly enlisted me to do so at the annual "Old Home Days" festival. Yay.

The only gripe I have is with the weather - it's too damn cold for early May! I finally got our front porch looking good with new plants and furniture, and I had to pull all of the plants in last night due to a freeze warning. What the Hell?!? Oh well, I'm sure it won't be long until I'm bitching about the heat and the bugs.

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