Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Remember the other day when I told you that my dog can pull me on my skateboard really fast? Well, this morning while we were racing to school, I was unfortunate enough to hit a patch of gravel, and as any skateboarder can attest, the board stops on a dime while you, unfortunately do not. And if you have a dog pulling you at full speed, you tend to even fly a little bit further than you normally would under your own steam. I took a nice home-base slide face down on the sidewalk, and emerged with nicely mangled palms, skint knees, and the attractive elbow rash you see above. I've been skating for nearly thirty years, and have had my share of injuries, but this is probably the wort in the past ten years. Boy, those Cinco-DeMayo beer-garitas are gonna feel good tonight!

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