Monday, May 10, 2010

New Art!

I finished my Catwoman shadow box design this weekend and I re-did the Batman one by eliminating the "comic-book dots". I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it. The next step is to break it down into layers, send them to the printer, paint the shadowboxes, paste the images onto foamcore & cut them out, and finally assemble everything in the shadowboxes. If you like the art, you can order just the prints in a large, 24" x 29" format. I might make the shadowboxes available as well, but they are a bit of a pain, so I haven't decided. Batman is available here, and Catwoman here.


  1. You should try Joker, Penguin, Robin and others. Just the art part I mean. I am sure it's a pain creating the shadow box stuff.

  2. I might just do that - I've enjoyed putting these together, and I'm really diggin' the silver-age feel to it. The shadowboxes are great when they are done, and I'm usually really happy with the results, but damn, they are time-consuming!