Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Time Foooorr... "10 STUPID QUESTIONS!!!"

Today's guest is a real treat; incredibly talented sculptor, designer, Creative Consultant and nerd-about-town; the founder of "Go Hero Toys and Entertainment", Steve Forde!!! This guy is big-time! His work has been featured in numerous commercials, books, magazines, movies and music videos. He also won "Toy of The Year for 2004" and "Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy figure for 2009"! He is also the brand manager for the Buck Rogers property!! That's right - geeks want to be him and geek-ettes want to be with him!

Just take a look at his stuff - it's frickin' SICK!!!! The attention to detail and quality are a direct reflection of Steve's heartfelt passion for the subject matter. His most recent liscense aquistion is the "Weekly World News", and his first offering from that property is the infamous "BAT-BOY"! Modeled after the classic Mego Toys of the 70's, it features blister-card packaging and 14 points of articulation. I caught up with Steve earlier this week, and he was kind enough to indulge me by answering..... 10 STUPID QUESTIONS!!!! He even had a few stupid questions for yours truly, so let's get on with it!

1.) What do you do and why? I own Agents of Imagery, offering creative consulting to all kinds of companies and Go Hero where I make, sell, and/or team up with likeminded folks to make sci-fi-fantasy-comic-hero-monster-robot-friendly-pop-culture-lifestyle stuff.

2.) What or who inspires you? Frank Miller, Reznor, Harryhausen, Thom York, Mignola, Chris Nolen, Tsuburaya, Cameron, Frazetta, Mark Nagata, Jesse Destasio, Frank Kozik, Rankin and Bass, Ralph Cosentino, Patrick Ma, Winston Dunlop, Will Miller…I could keep going. Lots of stuff, people, art…all the time. I love when people go for it, over the top, and deliver something unique and magical. It is the artistic construction of a thing – a song, toy, movie, painting, a meal. Great design is what separates a rubber duck from an art toy. I really enjoy when artists creates original distilled iconography. I also am surrounded by a lot of creative friends / family who push me beyond what is satisfactory to try what is exceptional.

3.) What's the best part of your day? I suppose when I got done what I needed and I allow myself to shut down. So…Night is my favorite part of day – maybe play a little COD with my kids and kill some noobs. I have 2 one man army classes so…on the right day…I cannot be stopped.

4.) What's the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced? I was on the Appalachian trail camping when I heard a noise – when I looked up, I saw nothing. Then 6 feet from me was a buck still as a statue. It could have attacked me, but just stood their and darted off. That and what they did to Highlander 2. I mean come on…the first one was awesome! So disappointing.

5.) Who is one living person you would like to meet and why? I am blessed to have met a lot of my inspirations in this line of work and picked their brains. I suppose I would still like to meet George Lucas, but only if he is relaxed and not in business mode. I think we like all the same stuff and I would love to just talk about those old serials, films, and comics that inspired him.

6.) What are your three favorite possessions? Honestly, I am a very practical person…so I really like having a house, a car, and my collection of Faberge Eggs. Seriously the Buck Rogers figure is my ultimate favorite toy of all time!

7.) What one superpower would you like to have? Infinite wishes! That way I can choose later. But, if I have to choose now, I would say…Invisoflightpunchray! (Invisoflightpunchray is © Go Hero LLC 2010)

8.) When is the last time you got into a fistfight and why? I was just talking about this the other day. It was in high school. I was a freshman, and a bully senior thought I was smack talking in a response to his smack talking. He grabbed me from behind and it ended with me flipping him over my back and putting my foot on his chest. I did not have to fight too much after that. He became a cop. Good times.

9.) What song gets you pumped today? Never The Machine Forever by Soundgarden. Rage Against the Machine…almost every song from The Battle of Los Angeles. And a bunch of NIN.

10.) What's your worst habit? I continue to welcome in people to share the proverbial pie in my endeavors, but I get burned. So I have to be more discriminating. That and I have an addiction to Chick-fil-a nuggets something fierce. I literally cannot have enough of them. Have you heard about this spicy chicken sandwich coming – I literally made an appointment to get one.

Then Steve decided to turn the table on me and ask me 10 stupid questions;

1 – What is your pin number?

2 – Where do you live?
West Paris, ME

3 – When are you out of town next?
Agoraphobic shut-in; never leave town

4 – Do you have a sister?

5 – Is she hot?

6 – Do you remember the movie They Live?
I live by it

7 – Wasn’t it sort of cool?
I'm just here to chew bubblegum. Yes, it was extremely cool.

8 – Whenever Conan is on cable – I drop everything to watch it.
Not really a question, but yes.

9 – Where did I put my keys?
Where you always put them - in the bowl on the table. sigh.

10 – I like poppy seed bagels.
You'll test positive for opium eating those. At least that's what I've heard.

Thanks for being such a great sport, Steve! Don't forget - send that Buck Rogers figure to 33 Pioneer St, West Paris, ME 04289!


  1. I do put my keys in a bowl on the table! Creepy!

  2. Who do you think that weird guy is who's been peeking in your windows? Duh!

  3. Incredible figures - I want them all!