Monday, May 24, 2010

Enjoyed The Buffet a Little TOO Much Yesterday....

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a distinct passion for Chinese food buffets. So much so, that I usually refrain from eating the entire day that I am to visit a buffet so that optimum enjoyment as well as value is acheived. Yesterday, we went to The New Super China Buffet in Lewiston to celebrate my son's birthday, as he shares my passion, and later had to run to the bathroom in JC Penny's to avoid soiling my shorts. Too much? Perhaps.


  1. Chinese buffets are AWESOME!!! Most of them are named things like "#1 China Buffet", "Super China Buffet", or "World Class China Buffet". We have one in Fayetteville that is called "OK China Buffet". Are they just being modest?!?!? LOL

  2. OK China Buffet? That's hilarious!! Makes me wonder if there's a so-so or Tastes-Like-Ass China Buffet somewhere?