Thursday, April 8, 2010

Your Morning Wake-Up Call....

I present to you the earliest known Led Zeppelin recording of allll tiiiiime!! It's "Dazed & Confused", recorded on December 30th, 1968 at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. This took place a few weeks before their first album, Led Zeppelin, was released. They were so obscure, that local ads called them "Len Zefflin".

Via Boing-Boing


  1. Dan-o, where's the art for thursday?? I've been lovin' what you've been doing so far...

  2. Hi Zach - my youngest had his 6th b-day party yesterday, so I didn't have time to finish the piece I was working on :-( Shoot me your addy and I'll send out your prize! Congrats!