Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ever since seeing the "Clash of The Titans" remake last week, an old quest nearly 30 years old has been re-ignited. The quest for the ever elusive, often over-priced, devastatingly handsome shelf adornment; Mattel's 1981 15" Kraken toy! I always wanted one since the line came out, but had to settle for Carrion, Calibos, and the Greek Soldier instead. Come to think about it, I don't think I even knew a kid who had one. Nor do I remember even seeing them in the stores. I'm watching one on Ebay right now, but I'm sure it will shoot waaay out of my league before it's over.


  1. I knew a kid who had one. I was always bothered by his lack of legs.

    But I understand your desire to reconnect with an expensive old friend - my grail would be Rodan from the Shogun Warriors line. I had it once, and I will have it again dammit!

  2. Try and be more cheap like O'brien is. He doesn't tell anyone what he is looking for until after he purchased it because it might save on other people seeing the auction.

  3. @ Bubbashelby: Rodan is just barely behind the Kraken on my wishlist - one of my good friends had one when we were kids & he ruined it by painting all over it.

    @ Anonymous: I thought about keeping it to myself, but unless it tops off at $30, I can't get it this week 'cause my bike needs a new battery. P.S. stay the Hell away from Wal-Mart motorcycle batteries!

  4. It was $30.oo when I saw a couple, out of my price-range back then