Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Art!

So, among the items I picked up in Portland yesterday was the old Power Records version of Marvel's "The Monster of Frankenstein" number 1. The record wasn't in it, but it was $3, so eh, whatever. I've always loved the version of Frankie in the mummy-wrappings and frothing at the mouth as he breaks his bonds and lunges at the good doctor. But as I am a lazy artist and it's Saturday, I focused on a close-up of his purty kisser! Fall in love all over again right here.


  1. Wunnerful! Wunnerful! I had several Power Records as a young 'un, but never owned this one. I vividly remember the tiny thumbnail image of this cover and the "Man-Thing" book & record in the "other titles" ad on the inside cover.

  2. Thanks Greensleeves! The only horror one I had as a child was the Dracula one, but I had Superman, Star Trek and Batman as well.