Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mighty Thor: FIRST LOOK!

Now that Ironman 2 has been released in some regions, buzz over the next Marvel movie, Thor, is starting to build. Here's the first look at Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, in costume.I'm pretty happy with it, as they are going with Thor's current duds in the comics, but I hope he'll have his iconic helmet as well. I was never a big fan of Thor until I picked up a bunch of silver-age issues that were in a collection I bought last year, now I think he's pretty interesting.

Strange fact; when I used to work in a comic shop back in Alabama, I found that black males loved Thor! I'm not racist in any way, but I $hit you not, nine out of ten black males who came into the shop would leave with a Thor comic. It strikes me as odd, 'cause Thor is like the WHITEST super hero in the Marvel universe! I asked my black friend Eddie about it, and he said "I don't know why, he's just cool". Any comments? theories?
Via SuperHeroHype


  1. Well I am racist about one thing. American people should be the one to play AMERICAN roles. Thor is an american creation. Aussies, Canadians etc. should not be cast. I am an actor from the U.S. and I have to have my roles outsourced to other countries? I hate it.

  2. I understand your pain, brother. It certainly isn't easy in the acting biz - just competing with your own peers at home is hard enough, I can't imagine having to compete worldwide. Well, I'm a freelance graphic designer, so I guess I can, seeing as how most of my jobs are now going to India. Actor, huh? Been in anything I might have seen?

  3. Thor should be played by a scandinavian. After all, he is a norse god.