Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a Bit Annoyed...

The other day I was walking my kids to school with our dog, and there's this Huskie at the house on the corner who is ALWAYS outside on it's run-line and ALWAYS lunges and barks at us as we go by. Well, this day was different. On that day, the dog lunged and snapped it's cable, quickly attacking my dog. Luckily, my youngest son is so far ahead, the dog doesn't notice him. So as soon as this dog jumps on mine, they start going at it, and I get in one really good kick to the rib cage on the other dog, and he lets go of mine. Meanwhile, my dog has gotten loose and runs down the street. Luckily, I was able to grab the Huskie's cable before he got to my dog again. He bites me in the leg, and an even harder kick and a very stern NO!! make him docile long enough for me to drag him to his owner's front door as my youngest goes after our dog.

Of course noone is home, so I tie him to a post on the poorch and leave a note stating my name, address, what happened, and a note requesting that he be restrained more effectively. As pissed off as I was, the note was very matter-of-fact, and not rude or harsh in any way. Luckily my dog was OK, and so was my leg. Now, in a situation like this, what do you think the proper reaction from the dog owner should be? Rushing right over to my house, apologizing profusely and perhaps a thank you for tying the dog to the poorch instead of calling animal control or say, bludgeoning the beast to death? Well, it's been almost a week and NOT...A...SINGLE...WORD! What the Hell is wrong with people?!? Ok, that's my rant for the day - back to the entertainment!


  1. Yeah, people are douchebags. Sorry to hear about this. I hope you and your pooch are both okay.

    In a completely unrelated note; you and I dress exactly alike. Weird.

  2. If you keep an asshole dog that lunges upon people (poorly) chained in your front yard, chances are you also lack many other social graces.

    Also, Reis' final comment - awkward! ;)

  3. So you dress like a 15 year-old too? Anytime we are leaving the house as a family and I'm sporting a Misfits tee, my wife gives me "the look" and says; "Is THAT what you're wearing?"

    @ Bubbashelby: You are correct, sir! I live in rural Maine where nearly everyone is socially retarded. I'm from Alabama and more accustomed to "Southern Hospitality"

  4. Glad to hear you and yours are okay! I am always afraid of that very situation when I take my very (un)manly dog Vegas for a walk. A chihuahua would be a tasty snack for some of the doberman's and other huge dogs in our neighborhood. I totally blame the owners though. The dog is probably pissed at you for being a good owner and is jealous of your dog so he took out some of his pent up frustration!

  5. I think you're right, Giddy! Your dog's name is Vegas? That's so cool!

  6. Ya, for a little dog, he has a HUGE attitude!! Our friends have a Whippet and they named it Devo. How cool is that?!?