Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Stupid Questions

Joe Hill & Izzy at the San Diego Comic-Con

Happy Friday gang! Today's interview is a good friend of mine who has an incredible talent of taking iconic objects from the world of comics and bringing them into our world. I've gone to his home and played with all of his props, and believe me, they are top of the line! He's made props for the likes of Kevin Smith and Joe Hill along with many others. His name is Israel Skelton of Skelton Crew Studio, and he's here to answer 10 Stupid Questions!

1.) What do you do and why? I sculpt 1:1 replicas of comic props. I guess I started because I wanted certain items for my collection, and they were either not available or I didn't like what was being produced by licensed companies.

2.) What or who inspires you? Those who forge out on their own and pursue their dream. Too many of us take the easy road, just to fade into mediocrity. Life is short and playing it safe is for the timid.

3.) What's the best part of your day? The drive home from work. It seems to be when all the epiphanies hit me.

4.) What's the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced? That's a tough one. I once saw two men and two sheep on a dirt bike one night in Cairo. That was a little strange.

5.) Who is one living person you would like to meet and why? Stan Lee, and why you ask? Because he's fucking Stan Lee!

6.) What are your three favorite possessions? The original cover art to Fantastic Four 524. It's just such a classic image. My Mjolinr. It's the hammer I always dreamt of owning as a kid. A simple piece, but I think I nailed it. I don't often think that about my stuff. Lastly, my Subterranean Press "Locke & Key." A wonderfully rare edition of a great book.

7.) What one superpower would you like to have? I want to say flight, but every geek knows that you would need a bunch of other accompanying superpowers to make flight feasible. That being said, I guess, I'll take Hank Pym's "Pym Particles." That way I could shrink to work on small detailed sculpts and also grow to gigantic sizes to get some large landscaping projects done.

8.) When is the last time you got into a fistfight and why? It was a long time ago, and it was over some destroyed art. We ended up being each other's best man, so I guess it didn't end too badly. (P.S. I won.)

9.) What song gets you pumped today? "Got The Time" by Anthrax. Very few covers are better than the original, this is one of them. Sorry, Joe Jackson.

10.) What's your worst habit? Saying what's on my mind when it's on my mind. Most people have built in filters that I appear to lack. Maybe I'll call Brita.

Thus concludes another action-filled episode of "10 Stupid Questions"! Join us next week when my guest will be none other than Ceaser Romero; the original "clown prince of crime from TV's Batman!
What? he's dead? ...... Join us next week when my guest will be none other than comic-book legend JACK "KING" KIRBY!!!!

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