Friday, April 9, 2010

10 Stupid Questions

Greatest hits include the unlicensed STAR WARS BREAKBEATS album and the radical GAY EMPIRE: HOMO-TROOPER figure. Made by sweatshop labor in New York City's Chinatown, Suckadelic is by far the sleaziest toy brand in the game...

Adding to the mix is an ongoing series of internet videos and commercials, featuring the Sucklord and his enemys in the ORIGINAL VILLAIN NETWORK...

SUCKADELIC is comitted to bringing more toys, more movies, and more musical buggouts thru 2009 and beyond. Stay Tuned..."

Okay, okay - enough with the posturing, lets get to the interview!

Very stupid indeed... But here goes

> 1.) What do you do and why?
I generate shit for people to consume so I can get paid and say what I
need to say.

> 2.) What or who inspires you?
The opportunity to do these wonderful Q + A's

> 3.) What's the best part of your day?
Finding checks in my mailbox or paypals in my inbox

> 4.) What's the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced?
Being on a reality TV show

> 5.) Who is one living person you would like to meet and why?
Obama. He's history made flesh, and seems like a cool guy

> 6.) What are your three favorite posessions?
The assorted tools of my craft, my Vaporizer, My Playmobil Collection

> 7.) What one superpower would you like to have?

> 8.) When is the last time you got into a fistfight and why?
Had to fight off a mugger who was robbing the chinese food delivery guy. 2003

> 9.) What song gets you pumped today?
NPR news

> 10.) What's your worst habit?
Smoking pot and jerking off before 11 am

The Sucklord has spoken! Thanks to that last question, this will probably go down as the most candid interview I've ever had! I'd like to thank Morgan for his participation, and stay tuned next week when I'll be interviewing TV's INCREDIBLE HULK; LOU EFFIN' FERRIGNO!!!

(if he answers my email)

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