Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Office Spaces....

My current (and favorite) workspace.

My last workspace at Crestline.

This was my workspace when I made custom Mego toys for a living. I would design the packaging here...

...and put the toys together here. Ah, good times!

I have held a few jobs over the years. Some of those jobs involved standing for long periods preparing food. Some involved long periods of driving and delivering food. Others involved sitting at a desk for long periods and occasionally eating food.

The latter jobs were usually the creative ones, and it would drive me crazy to sit somewhere for eight + hours per day and stare at bland, corporate surroundings. To combat such drabness, I would decorate my desk area with toys, comics, movie posters, art from my kids and whatever else I could get away with under company policy. Sure, some people would sneer, think it was childish, or scoff; thinking it to be unprofessional. But luckily, the vast majority would be fascinated, ask questions, or confess their secret inner-nerd to me.

After awhile, I found myself peering at the desks of my co-workers; interested to see how they decorate their "job home". Which brings me to my point; I would love it if you, dear reader, would send me pictures of your own workspace; even if it's boring, or if it's fantastic, and especially if it's likely to get you sent to the HR department for a little "chat" on workplace appropriateness. Please send me your pics with whatever you want to say about it, and I'll post it here on the monster!


  1. You have seen my "office". HEHEHE...

    the entire OFFICE is wonderful!

  2. Yes, I think I would be right at home in your "office"!

  3. I like the Mego Action figures....