Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To The Batmobile!

I was at Toys R Us last weekend loking for the new DC Mego figures (which they didn't have), and I found the Hot Wheels Superfriends Batmobile. It's a little larger than the standard Hot Wheels car, and I really dig the blue paint job and other details, but I felt that the $8.99 price tag was a bit extreme. $4.99 would be waaay more reasonable, but I was bummed about the Mego's and didn't want to leave empty-handed. They also had the 1:50 Batcycle from the TV show, but $40 was more than I was willing to plunk down, especially considering that I scored the 1:50 Batmobile for $15 at TRU just last November.


  1. That is sweet, I have been searching for one of these, our TRU just doesn't restock like it used too.

  2. Yeah, ours in Portland is less than impressive as well.