Monday, March 29, 2010

The Joys of Owning a Dog...

Our dog, Daisy has been on a bit of a naughty streak lately. When we first got her, and were living at our old house, we were unable to leave her alone w/out tearing the place up, so we started crating her. By the time we moved into our new house, she was much better behaved, so we started leaving her out of her crate and giving her free roam of the house with no problems. Lately, that has changed.

We came home the other day and she had torn up my wife's brand-new magazine, my son's library book, and two of my vintage Ironman comics - I didn't even get to read the one pictured above! There was paper EVERYWHERE! And this morning, I drove the kids to school, which takes like, five minutes, and when I got back she had starting tearing up ANOTHER magazine AND pooped and peed on the carpet upstairs! AAARRGH!!!! So I guess I'll need to crate her up just to go & check the mail now! Sheesh!

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