Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If The Power Rangers Knocked up The 1970's Live-Action Spiderman TV Show, The Kid Would Probably Look Alot Like This....

This thing is pure genius in it's sheer absurdity! I've known about this 70's Japanese show for awhile, but have never seen any clips until now. Let's run through the checklist, shall we?

1.) Japanese Spiderman? Check.
2.) Voice-activated Spider-Mobile controlled by wristwatch? Check.
3.) Uncanny ability to run in an extremely silly manner? Check.
4.) Awkward wrestling scene with Thing-like rock person who can grow into a giant? Check.
5.) Morphin' Giant Spider-Man Robot to fight previously mentioned giant rock person? Check.


  1. Fyi they have the complete series up subtitled on

  2. Wow! That was just… well I'm not sure. First of all if you run like that in real life, you're gonna get your butt kicked. Second, I love how really stupid the henchmen are. Third, what's up with the telephone in his giant robot?

  3. @ Hawanja; That's great - I'll have to go over and watch it! Thanks for the tip!
    @ Tim; You never know when you might want to order pizza and have it delivered to your giant robot, I guess.