Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art: 365 & The Chance of Free Swag!!!!

Hey guys, I've set a new personal goal for myself yesterday called Art:365, and it's just that; I'm going to create a piece of art everyday for an entire year. It won't be easy, and the quality will fluctuate, but I'm determined to do it. Also, just so I cannot take the easy way out, I will not be using Live-Trace to fall back on.

To give myself a little incentive, I'm counting on you, my dear friends and readers, to help me reach my goal. What? How and why are you going to help me, you ask? Here's how it's gonna go down; I really, really enjoy my toy and comic collection, and hate to part with any of it, so if I haven't posted a new art piece every day by midnight EST, the first person to email me and ask; "Where the Hell is the art?!?", gets a toy or comic from my collection along with a sweet 3-D Monster sticker for your car/bike/skateboard/scooter. Absolutely free - I'll even pay the shipping.

So, in my best Zeus voice; "LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!!"


  1. Good luck with this, hope you don't have to give away a ton of your toys by the end of 365.

  2. Thanks Chunky! I'm good when I get on a roll with my art, but getting started is the hardest part for me.

  3. Wow - good luck! I burned out for a couple months just trying to get a piece done every day for one month last October. It ain't easy!

    Chunky and I will be watching you! O_o <- I don't know what that means.

  4. awesome goal. I wish you the better of luck. If I wished the best, I wouldn't have a shot at some of your sweet sweet schwag...