Friday, March 19, 2010

10 Stupid Questions

Happy Friday everyone! It's time for another round of 10 Stupid Questions with 3-D Monster! Today's victim is blogger, designer, film-maker, author and artist to the stars; Kirk Demarais. Kirk has had great success with his "Family Portrait" series of painting based on families from popular films such as; The Griswolds from National Lampoon's Vacation, the Freelings from Poltergeist, and my personal favorite; the Torrences from The Shining. His website
& blog; Secret Fun Spot, is a constant source of fun and inspiration. He has also written "Life of the Party" on the famed S.S. Adams Prank and Magic Company, which came with a foreword by one of my favorite artists; Chris Ware and got blurbed by Chip Kidd and Glen David Gold. JJ Abrams even plugged it in WIRED awhile back.
Anyway, that's enough of my brown-nosing - here's Kirk with the questions...

1.) What do you do and why?
I like to create stuff for both fun and survival. I do this because it's what I was created to do.

2.) What or who inspires you? I'm inspired by: art in its many forms, memories, fun, and the visuals that emerged from the mid twentieth century.

3.) What's the best part of your day?
It may sound trite, but having fun with my family is the best. Working on a project that I enjoy is a close second.

4.) What's the most bizarre thing you've ever experienced?
One time at a truck stop I drove in my sleep. During a catnap I started my car and tried to get back on the interstate. Once I realized what was happening I still couldn't regain full conciousness. It was quite disturbing and obviously dangerous.

5.) Who is one living person you would like to meet and why?
Lately I've been wanting to meet Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens because I'm a big fan and I've heard he has an incredible collection of fun stuff.

6.) What are your three favorite posessions?
1. Hugo: Man of a thousand faces
2. Weebles Haunted House
3. 1965 X-Ray Spex

7.) What one superpower would you like to have?
Time travel. (As if I don't visit the past enough as it is.)

8.) When is the last time you got into a fistfight and why?
When I was in eighth grade. A bully attacked me in the boys room while I was taking a whiz. So brave.

9.) What song gets you pumped today?
I've been on an electronic music kick lately so..
Coastal Brake by Tycho
I Feel Space by Lindstrøm
No Dice by Beirut

10.) What's your worst habit?
Keeping a horrible sleeping schedule. I feel productive until it catches up with me and I can't function for a couple days.

So that concludes another round of 10 Stupid Questions. I'd like to thank Kirk for being such a great sport and all-around swell fella! Be sure to tune in next week when our guest is none other than 3-D Monster's own guest blogger; TIMMAY GAGNON!!


  1. I like his site. Especially when he UPDATES!

  2. Yeah, right - he's not exactly a daily blogger by any stretch! Delightful guy, though.