Friday, February 19, 2010

What a Day!

Love me some cobblestone streets!

Gritty McDuff's; one of our favorite places to eat in the Old Port!

Logan's burger was awesome!

Will loved his French Toast sticks, too! I know, I know; I wouldn't want that for lunch, either.


Some tin robot goodness at Pandamonium.

Casablanca Comics is always a treat!

Logan got this sweet Green Lantern ring at Casablanca!

The front of the museum.

The kids cowering at the feet of the mighty Sasquatch!

This is what happens to those foolhardy enough to touch the exhibits!

Look at all the Yeti memrobelia! The police uniform at the right was worn by Laura Linney in The Mothman Prophecies.

An antique TV that constantly shows the Patterson Bigfoot film footage.

Casts of Bigfeet & hands.

The enormous, once thought to be extinct Coelacanth fish.

I didn't know it, but the discovery of a Coelacanth in Florida in the 1950's inspired The Creature From The Black Lagoon!

The boys in front of a "Fiji Mermaid" prop used in a film about P.T. Barnum.

Awsome bronze Bigfoot sculpture.

Bigfoot representations through the years.

This is pretty awesome; this is the actual "Thunderbird" that was created for the TV show Freaky Links as part of a Civil War-era photograph in which soldiers were shown posing with a Pterodactyl they had killed. The photo was highly circulated around the interwebs as a real antique photograph a few years ago, fooling many.

A framed example of the photo with the story behind the hoax.

Great ceramic sculpture of the Flatwoods Monster.

Well, yesterday's trip to Portland could not have been better! Great food, perfect weather, new swag and a very enlightening visit to the Cryptozoology Museum. We had an awesome lunch a Gritty's, and if you're ever there, I highly recommend the Sweet Potato Fries; YUM! We also hit the usual places; Pandamonium, Treehouse Toys, Casablanca Comics, Fun Box Monster Emporium & Coast City Comics.

But it was the first time trip to the new International Cryptozoology Museum that was the highlight of the day. The museum opened on November 9, 2009, and is owned by Cryptozoologist, author, collector & Hollywood consultant; Loren Coleman. Loren was a wealth of information as he led us through his menagerie of the weird and fantastic! He had Bigfoot and Yeti foot & hand casts, antique art and sculpture based on various cryptids, movie memrobelia from 2002's "The Mothman Prophecies" in which he worked on as a consultant for the production. He even had hair and other "samples" from alleged sasquatch creatures. I asked him if the samples had been tested and what the results yeilded, and he told me that the results came back as inconclusive, since there has never been a dead bigfoot found to compare the results with, but he did say that some contained both human and ape DNA.
I really could've stayed there all day, talking about mothmen, aliens and bigfeet! Thanks for a great and educational afternoon, Loren!


  1. I liked the Harry and the Henderson's doll. Great post!

  2. Thanks Giddy - my favorite was the Bionic Bigfoot; I'm still trying to score one of those on Ebay!

  3. I had a Shrunken Head once...I was storing it for a friend while they got settled into their new Home was in my room for about two months.... a few years back ..this person committed suicide.... I do not know what became of the head after that...But it was Cool to actually hold it in my hands...