Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Art!

After I received my Thunder Robot the other day, I was so smitten by it that I decided to immortalize it in art! Why are there two, you ask? Well, once I finish the main subject of an illustration, I have to decide what background would look best with it, so I usually make four copies and give each one a different background. Also, I love bright colors, so I usually give each one a different color scheme. That's the great thing about digital illustration; it's super-easy and fun to edit colors and other elements. I usually choose my favorite from the four, but this time, I couldn't decide between these final two, so I decided to add them both to my shop. I also just got a commission to do another giant robot piece based on the Shogun Warrior; Grandizer, and when it's done I'll post it as well.

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