Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My MUST-HAVE Toys of 2010!

I am soooo incredibly excited about Mattel's new DC Retro-Action toys based on my favorite toy line of all time; Mego! These guys look like the real deal, and this most recent photo from this year's Toy Fair in NYC even features Aquaman, RC Batman, and Black Manta! The first wave arrives in Toys-R-Us stores in April, and I don't know when wave 2 hits shelves.


  1. How cool is this news of all the "New" Megos? Seriously, these will be mine!

  2. I know - I'll have to clear some shelf space for sure! Did you see the Biff, Bang, Pow Mego stuff? LOST, Flash Gordon, Venture Bros., and Twilight Zone figures; it's a good year to be a Megohead!

  3. Yep saw those and the Mego Museum Exclusives and the Universal Monsters! Sweeet! Plus the new Trek!