Monday, February 22, 2010

It Finally Came!!!

My VERY long search for a comic-book spinner rack has finally come to a successful end! When I first came up with the idea, I figured I'd zip over to Ebay, pick one of what I was sure to be a HUGE selection of old racks to choose from, Paypal my $100 (they couldn't POSSIBLY cost more than that, right?) and then patiently await it's arrival.

Riiiiiight. You can imagine my surprise when I saw the $1000 + price tag for the 2 or three that were on, and will probably ALWAYS be on Ebay!
OK, no need to worry; I'm sure there are plenty in the local antique shops in the state.
Nope, not a single one.

Craigslist? Nope.

Local businesses? Only one, and it was right around the corner at the General Store. It wasn't a spinner, but one that leans against a wall. Had the "Hey Kids; COMICS" graphic w/ Superman, Richie Rich, Spiderman & Archie, too. Would they sell it? Nope? Does it even hold comics? Nope, DVD's. Did I offer to buy them a new & better DVD rack ON TOP of the cash for the rack? Yes, I did.

Finally, I found a new spinner online at a company called R Wireworks for $180 & free shipping. It was basic black, 40 pockets with no graphics on top, but luckily I found my DC Depot topper online for $15. I just finished setting it up with DC & Marvel comics from 1977-78, and while I had to cut the DC Depot lamp down a bit to make it fit, I am super-stoked with the final result!


  1. I love it. It has inspired me to have my ironguy MAKE one. He can do anything and probably alot less than $180 dollars. I love it though. I would look at that everyday and glee!

  2. Yeah, I really have a hard time leaving my office now! You have an ironguy? Damn, I wish I had an ironguy! The DC Depot light really completes it though - it would be pretty boring without it. I found it for $15, so you probably wouldn't have to pay much for one.

  3. See the stuff in my cafe? All made by my Ironguy. The Bar, spiderweb door, the giant spiderwebs overlooking the city among countless other things. He can make anything. The problem is I sold my collection of comic books years ago. I have none. I stopped reading in 98 when the price got too high for me.

  4. Oh wow - he does really good work!I'll bet he could rock a spinner rack fo' sho'! As a collector, there's no bigger regret than selling your collection thinking you're bored with it, only to have the fire spark back up later and have to start over. I started collecting comics when I was six or seven, and had an excellent collection including lots of sweet gold and silver age stuff by the time I reached high school. But by then, I realized that possessing a minty copy of the first appearance of the Green Goblin was not going to get me laid, so I sold the whole kit n' kaboodle! I still regret it!