Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Excellent Sci-Fi Movie Poster Design!

An art-deco masterpiece!

Great example of "less is more" - no UFO's, no aliens, no action. I remember seeing this in theatres as a child, and dying to know what was over that hill!

Another great use of dark/light contrast. You just know that something terrible is in that egg.

This is old hat by now, but back in 1984, it would have been seen as crazy to try to promote a movie without even the name of the movie visible, much less any mention of the stellar cast or director, but this now iconic image with just a stark, black background proves how powerful a single image can be.

I love the use of color and whimsy in this one. For the uneducated, who thinks they are looking at a field of cabbage until.... A-HA! look at those sinister eyes! That's really a martian army!

I still haven't seen Cloverfield, but looking at this image of the destruction in the wake of the monster's path makes you realize that it is going to be something really, really BIG.

My good buddy and guest-blogger; Timmy, sent me a link to a great site that had a collection of some of the best-designed sci-fi and fantasy movie posters from 1925 to 2010. I liked most of them, but "Space Buddies"?!? Are you kiddin' me?


  1. trust you don't wanna see that horrible ass movie.. anywas long time no speak hit me up via email down2earthketsy@gmail.com

  2. Hey Ketsy! How's life at the World? Than ks for the tip - I've heard some pretty bad things about it.