Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet Another Brilliant Executive Decision

Somewhere in a crazy place called "The Seventies", executive at Hana-Barbara and Marvel Comics felt that it was time to create a new Fantastic Four cartoon; the first since the original 1967-69 much beloved series. But viewing children as total idiots, they felt that if they featured the Human Torch, children would feel compelled to imitate him by dousing themselves in gasoline, yelling "Flame on!", lighting themselves on fire, and just to insure no chance of survival; jump from a really high place so that they could "fly".

Enter the robotic a$$-clown; Herbie! a character so God-awful boring and vile, that it would be another twenty years before Jar-Jar Binks would come along to replace him as number one hosebag. Be sure to check out Magneto's purple "M" car and see him get taken down by a wooden gun!


  1. While this doesn't negate how annoying Herbie was, it makes it hurt a little less:

  2. Wow - I guess when you hear the same story for so many years, you aacept it as truth. Thanks for the info!