Monday, January 25, 2010

New Swag!

I finally got my Mego 13" Gene Simmons figure in the mail today, and he's in better shape than I expected! Tight joints, costume is immaculate, and very minimal paint rubs. He's missing his arm bands, but I can track those down later. He was certainly a steal at $30! Now I'll have to get the rest of the band, with Ace next in line.
I also got the final issue to one of the best comic-book storylines I've read in years; "Old Man Logan", in which we find a pacified Wolverine in a future where the bad guys have won, and all of the heroes have been killed or sent into hiding.

I think I'm gonna have to pull in the reigns a bit on my E-Baying as I've been getting a little carried away lately.

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